If people will turn their attention to us, give us their open minds, their open hearts, then we will fill them with wisdom and the gifts of spirit that will bring them into oneness with God. This is our task here — to take the God-message to you on your plane that you will not waste your life there”

Thus begins “The God Mind Connection”, the first of a series of channeled spiritual books authored by Jean K. Foster. The message came from a group of advanced spirits that call themselves “The Brotherhood of God”. As the outreach of the Holy Spirit, their mission is to teach us, inspire us and help us to receive the perfect truth which will bring us into oneness with God. Receiving this “God Mind Truth” allows us to grow in wisdom, grow in satisfaction and grow in our ability to meet and achieve our life goals – the growth plan we created with God before we were born.

The books are arranged in two trilogies; the first is the “Trilogy of Truth” – dedicated to teaching us the process of receiving and using God Mind Truth to achieve our goals and manifest the life we wish to experience.

The second trilogy is the “Truth for A New Age”, which focuses on teaching us to apply the God Mind Truth principles to ensure that humanity survives and thrives in the coming age, where the earth will renew itself and the landscape will be changed completely.

In addition to the trilogies are two additional books;

“Epilogue” – A fascinating series of messages received by Jean from the spirits of people who have completed and are in the process of reviewing their lives from the eternal perspective of the next plane of life.

“Decision” – A synthesis of the spiritual principles given by the Brotherhood found in both the Bible and in the God-mind books, principles that will perfect the teamwork between you and all that God IS.  The Truth, when taken decisively, will perform in and through you.  Put your trust in this message that alerts you — Spirit — to your power as a God partner.

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