A personal look at prayer by teammate Constance Jean Givens:

From – God-Self Within: Prayer is joining God Who IS already present willing your GOOD with you or with the other person or with the situation at hand.  God generates (with you) GOOD – only good!  

Usually prayer requests are made after a concern is realized.  This concern usually begins with worry or uneasiness, then fear thoughts rise up and threaten. Of course, God already knows the situation!  Then what could I do without fear’s involvement?  How could I align myself with God in a positive way for the circumstances presently faced?  It took some re-centering (quieting my mind) to change frequencies – joining with God’s calmness and powerful, comforting strength.

My prayers begin with gratitude thanking God/Holy Spirit/Jesus and those who assist us 24/7 (teaming up, which is consciously connecting via intention).  My heart (like a vessel) fills, thus inviting God’s GOOD/Love within.  By creating an active image – visualizing me, or another person strong, moving about, even smiling.  I hold the situation in a positive light thus keeping the link with God’s Good.  [Fear cannot exist in God’s energy field of Oneness.]

When praying for healing, my part is staying with the intention of GOOD,  giving generously from my filled heart for either myself or another or the situation.  It is the same GOOD God gives that we share by way of thoughts and prayerful energy to stream forth to fulfill in the best way possible what is needed.  This giving is not exhausting; the Good is from God, not from me, and God cannot be depleted!

God KNOWS best how to assist the person and/or the situation! I call upon teamwork with The Brotherhood of God to enter the God-mind Truth required to manifest the best outcome. My directing God’s energy is not needed nor is it helpful.  In fact, the energy lessens, especially if my focus/vision turns back to the problem.  In turn the energy increases with positive thoughts of God’s Good in action!  No particular setting nor stance nor a lot of time is needed – just my attention (love/good) giving with God for the person or situation. The Brotherhood support the God Principles of Truth for the situation.  I sense and feel their assistance!    

If the prayer is for me, I watch for the opening God always provides and ready myself to join the answer.  God only asks for my willingness to move when opportunity presents itself.   My confidence has grown with practice,  and I better recognize the teamwork designed to fulfill the desired result!

I asked about prayer to God through Jesus through saints. “These people need pictures to help them visualize God.  They do, in fact, open their minds to the idea that God IS, but they seldom go far in their spiritual growth because they believe in a limited concept of God that in turn limits them.  Believe in the omnipresent and omnipotent God and open your mind to this plane to help you grow.  The Brotherhood of God will be there for you.  We have no statue, no picture, no tangible presence on the earth plane, but we in this plane open ourselves to God through Jesus Christ and can help you do the same.”

The God-mind Connection, Ch 4, page 30


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