Abundance – the Will of the Father God

By Jean K. Foster

The following quotations from the God‑mind books make clear that when we consciously enter into our Divine Partnership, our lives are filled with God power, God energy. With this power, we take charge of our lives and live in the midst of abundance.

The God‑Mind Connection

The fourth promise (from the chapter, “Standing on the Promises) concerns our hope for the things that will make life pleasant. This God of the Universe promises you that you will have all that you need. There should be no hunger, no illness, no traumas over lacks of any kind. God promises to provide for those who merge with the Brotherhood to manifest their needs. Each person may request the energy that will provide the substance to fulfill all needs.

The eighteenth promise (from the same chapter) belongs to those who try to do all things by the sweat of their brows. The promise God makes is that He will make the path easy if people will let Him. God intends to alleviate the hardships, the difficult trials, thoughts that empty your minds of hope. God will make the hopeless happy and the burdened think their life is beautiful.

The Truth That Goes Unclaimed

(From the chapter, “Truth Unlimited”) You and God are ONE. To recognize this fact, to make use of this understanding, we bring you this truth. Take, eat — this is, eat this knowledge by accepting it. This is my body—my whole purpose for living on earth. There is no truth that is greater than this one I have given to you. Enter it in your minds, hold it in your hearts, give it to your bodies to express. Then you will be God’s child who is now ready to make use of all the truth God has for you to claim.

This inner temple within that we speak of so often is merely a word we speak until it becomes real within you. Take us (the Brotherhood of God) into your temple, into this retreat from the world. There we will work together. . . . Team up with this wonderful opportunity to give your life more meaning, more power to perform the good you wish to perform. Never look back . . . . Believe.

Eternal Gold
(From the chapter, “How to Make Truth Eternal”) Our best projection for you is that there is a way to make God‑mind truth permanent, indestructible, imperishable. Teaming up with this truth will lead your body into wholeness and perfection. Also, you will have generous thoughts of prosperity, and our teamwork will create your truth into the outer domain, your lifetime experience.

(From the chapter, “How the Demonstration Process Works) Needs that enter your life may be the result of wrong thinking, the kind of thinking that expects the body to weaken, for example. Error thinking leads many to expect and even to welcome suffering because they think suffering makes them more pure and more Christ‑like. But these thoughts are only errors, not the positive God force which makes dreams and goals come true. Why would people believe that God sends suffering to make one a better soul? The truth is just the opposite. God sends wholeness.

New Earth—New Truth
Basic needs are not always those needs that arise out of desperation. They are also those things that would make life easier and brighter. These have their place alongside food, shelter and clothing. That which opens you to much teamwork with God will prosper you beyond your greatest hopes.

Your best thoughts or eternalizations will produce whatever you deem wanting in your life, not just those things that are “basic necessities.”

The God of the Universe, as we have said over and over, is only capable of producing good. The way to produce what is purely of God—the perfect thought for the time and the place—is to rest in the principle we have stated. Think on this principle. Hold it up for examination. Team up with it wholly. Then, and then only, will you be ready to produce!

Masters of Greatness
(From the chapter, “The Projected Reality) Projected reality is, of course, truth that has become material. This projected reality is earth reality, and is produced, not by hard work and not by the sweat of the brow, but by the truth itself which you project into the earth plane. . . . Team up to learn how you can project with great beta waves of creativity. (Beta waves are those waves of energy which eternalize whatever truth you want to project into reality there on earth.)

God is the Teammate Who makes the truth respond to its orders, but unless we who energize the projection act, there is no projected reality.

The ones who project their truth into reality only do what is normal and good. Those who do not project the truth do what earth‑mind directs, and the truth of Earth falls short of the goal, as it always will.

Divine Partnership
Your God Partnership is meant to be examined closely and put to use in all areas of your life. Therefore, know your Partner. Communicate with your Partner. Hold no other friendship or association to be greater than this Oneness you have with the God of the Universe. There must be a Partnership or there will be no personal touch of that which is the God of the Universe. The way Jesus worked was with the positive assurance of the personal God, whom he called “Father.” Jesus understood God as the great power and truth that made manifestation of truth possible into the earth plane. You can repeat the same kind of manifestation that Jesus did so easily when you work with the principles and team up with the law of God.

(From the chapter, “The Test the Teamwork Principle”) The opposite of “praise” is “condemnation” coupled with disbelief in the permanence of God/Good. Praise overcomes the earth‑mind projections that destroy the Good and explode positive energy into a multifaceted negativity that spreads and insidiously destroys the Good. Yes, earth‑mind does have that power. As you treat it with praise, the Good that is born within your inner perceptions—and is manifested in your physical earth garden— becomes secure in its material form. However, when you treat it with disrespectful negativity, rust forms, and deterioration gets underway.

The Holy Spirit, included in the foundation of the earth, perhaps was called “energy.” Or, maybe it was called the “Messenger of Truth.” There are some who think of the Holy Spirit as the “call of God.” Whatever you call it, use its essence. This Spirit, or group of tender presences, work with each person. As people open their minds to these presences, they will provide exactly the help needed in addressing life issues.

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