Build a Wellness Center Within

Illness and disease — the results of imbalance within the spirit, mind and body—need not occur. Deep in my heart and deep in the hearts of many others is the divine thought that we are meant to be well all the time.

What if you knew of a wellness center where you could be treated in order to prevent all diseases? Would you go to such a center and avail yourself of its benefits? Of course you would.

Does such a wellness center exist? The answer is yes, but the Center is not available to everyone because only a few people know the power of our mind and spirit. Those who do understand that mind and spirit are connected to total Good — also called God — take such a Center seriously. They contribute their time and creative energy into building a personal wellness center. Where? Within their minds and souls.

If we totally believe in the power of mind and spirit to bring total Good into our lives and into our body selves, we can avoid the results of imbalance. We can teach every child this truth that is born of Wisdom: To live your lifetime in wholeness, build a wellness center within, a place of sustenance for every ill known to the human mind and body.

Cancer, for example, is an out‑of‑balance condition that corrupts various parts of the body — depending on how the imbalance raises and lowers the cellular energy. When imbalance persists and nothing is done to bring balance, then the cells reach for a means of wholeness on their own by creating a victim within the body self. Therefore, imbalance‑in‑action results in dis‑ease in one place, then another, thus calling attention to itself. Only then does the imbalance receive help from the person and from the medical community.

The cause of imbalance is the inability of mind/spirit to create a wellness center within from which the body can draw for its needs. Imbalance occurs from earth‑mind stresses that corrupt the balance of the body cells. Since stress cannot be eliminated, since the corruption cannot effectively be stopped, each mind/spirit must take charge and nourish the individual body self before disease begins. We can, if we accept our responsibility, begin each day and end each day by a balancing process that will boost our immune systems into their upmost effectiveness.

Creating a wellness center within is not just for creative visualizers. Anyone can invent such a place. Try this: First, remember a place and a time when and where you felt strong and vibrant and joyful. Re‑create it in your mind and add as many details to the scene as you can. Also, remember your feelings when you felt wonderfully alive and full of happiness. Place these in the wellness center.

The procedure for self‑treatment is simple, but it requires perseverance. Also, self‑treatment depends on your understanding that your body is total energy and that your spirit and mind direct this energy. The spiritual principle underlying this activity is that spirits in human bodies have the opportunity and responsibility of directing energy in the earth plane. And our spirits easily connect with what we call total Good, or God, or Universal Wisdom. We may use this pure Good for all manner of needs — balancing our cells, calming the storms, helping plants and animals, renewing minerals, infusing Good into all situations and conditions.

All you and I need do is to place our cells into this substance place — called the Wellness Center Within — and to acknowledge the power of our spirit and mind which is one with Good. In this manner our core of reality is inseparately linked to this Good where cells are energized into perfection.

Each man, woman and child has the potential of keeping the balance among the body’s energies by immersing cells into the pure substance established in our wellness centers. There is no need to visualize the pure substance by anything other than light.

The main building tool for your creation is visualization, but you need not be artistic by nature to conceive of and build one of these centers. Any determined and enlightened person may create the perfect center for treatment of body cells.

Parents of a child who had leukemia told me they taught their child how to create a wellness center within. They did not inform the grandparents or anyone else of their plan. Medicine was not helping rid the body of leukemia, they said. Therefore, they gave the responsibility of ridding the body of cancer to their child. And he indeed did rid his body of cancer. He graduated from college with honors and wants to live his life with divine purpose.

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