Divine Justice – Hard to Accept

By Jean K. Foster

Divine Justice is hard for some people to accept, for they stand as judge of what is fair. Their EGOS dictate — even to God — the outcomes of perceived injustices.

Here are four reasons why many do not accept divine justice:

# l: Misunderstanding Who We Are and Who God IS
In reality, we are spirits living a human experience. As spirits we can connect easily to all that God IS. Within your understanding of who you are and what God IS lies your ability to put justice in its proper place—the reigning power.

What is our defense against misunderstanding?

First, visualize your inner self, or spirit. See your self as a powerful spirit who chose to come into this lifetime experience in order to grow. Second, rid yourselves of all old God concepts, old beliefs. Only then, can we open our minds to the God of the Universe who is totally unlimited.

# 2: A Belief in Our Victimization
To take charge of our lives and refute the appearances of injustice, we must know that divine justice is a spiritual principle. Furthermore, this principle works because it is law! All we need do is activate the principle.How do we activate the justice principle?

In Eternal Gold, p. 112: “Needs often overwhelm those in the earth plane. Panic enters to give a person great eternalizations of disasters. The thought of meeting these needs is wiped out by these disaster-thoughts. But when people turn quietly to their inner being, their spirit self, and then turn this spirit to God‑mind, needs will be met. The needs (such as injustice) are never what they seem to be. They give people the opportunity to prove their truth, to put it to work in the marketplace of their lives.”

Norman Vincent Peale, a noted minister and writer from the last century, said he welcomed problems because he knew the problems would give him another opportunity to see the greatness of God at work in his life.

# 3: A Refusal to Choose Between God‑Given Truth and Man‑Created Truth
We, as spirits, are the catalysts for great Good or God coming into our life. And, we must make a choice of which truth we use to live our lifetimes. Eternal Gold, page 49, expresses the value of God‑mind Truth:

This chapter (7) will reach out to grab your mind and cleanse it of all those thoughts of lack, unworthiness and false judgment. Also, the Brotherhood of God teaches us how to tell the difference between earth‑mind truth and God‑mind truth. . .

From the book: “This message concerns how to know that it is God entering the truth, and not earth‑mind. Though earth‑mind truth will be appealing, it will not last nor will it give the ultimate in truth. Rest assured there is a difference between these two truths. The teamwork that you, the reader, and we, the Brotherhood, will do together will keep this difference in perspective.”

The Brotherhood talks to us about building our inner temple, the place where we work with the God Presence on our problems, our goals, our hopes and our dreams. This chapter also addresses our “unworthiness thoughts” and reminds us that God only wants to give gifts to us, not judge us, not punish us. To understand justice, one must understand why judgment must become an outcast thought.

# 4: Allowing Emotional Turmoil to Dominate One’s Life
Many people become willing victims of their emotions—hate, disappointment, hurt feelings, grief. The more time and space individuals give to this emotional energy, the more turmoil increases.

Is there a divine answer to getting rid of emotional turmoil?

The answer, simply given, may seem inconsequential, but if you take it to heart, your life will immediately change for the better. Your need for justice will be caught up in the spiritual perspective of God’s own tenderness gift. Turn your mind and your heart to your God Partnership, to your helpers – the Holy Spirit, or Brotherhood of God. The moment you do this, you will experience a lightening of your being.

What if I do all that is said here, and still my very soul demands justice?
Then you turn again to step 1, dealing with the facts of your life—that you are spirit having a human experience. Address your perceived need for justice on the earth and give this “need for justice” into the hands of your God Partner. If you will truly do this, you will detach from your material self long enough to gain a true picture.

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