Enthusiasm for Life

By Jean K. Foster

From chap. 9 in The God‑Mind Connection

Giving up—the opposite of enthusiasm—is what severs our teamwork with God, with our earthly friends and with the helpers who are the outreach of the Holy Spirit. In fact, loss of enthusiasm seriously damages our will to live, let alone our desire to live WELL.

The remedy to counteract a giving‑up attitude, according to the Brotherhood of God, is to take our lives in bits and pieces.  These bits and pieces fit nicely, we are told, into our conversations with God—or guardian angels—or our guides—or whomever you think of when you ask for divine help.

I’ve tried this bits‑and‑pieces idea many, many times when discouragement has found a vulnerable place in me.  What I find astounding is that when I present to God one bit of what I’m seeing as a large bleak picture, there is an immediate response.  Sometimes the response is hu‑morous, and I laugh.  (What an antidote to despondency laughter is—especially when it comes from the divine perspective.)  The transforming of even one bit of the entire picture works like a catalyst for GOOD on the whole, and soon I feel enthusiasm rising within me.

Read chapter 9, “Putting Enthusiasm into Your Life,” from the book The Truth That Goes Unclaimed in the first trilogy of the God‑mind books.

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