How Does a Person Meditate Effectively?

By Jean K. Foster

A personal treatise on meditation

Since each of us is so different from the others, there is no ONE WAY to meditate.  Therefore, you may read or hear about some method or other that sounds beautiful and which you may think would be effective.  Until you try it yourself, you won’t know if it will do for you or not.  So, don’t judge your way of meditating by the way others meditate.

I DO KNOW what meditation feels like.  Sometimes I slip into meditation when I am watching bird activity in the back yard.  Sometimes a phrase from a book I am reading “catches my mind” and I slip into meditation — a quiet “place” where my mind/spirit seems to separate from the things of earth.  I feel the Divine Presence that makes me smile and feel joyful.  I hold onto this “place” as long as I can — a minute is a long time.  A few times I have slipped into this alternative to consciousness and have stayed there for several minutes.  When the “place” slips away, I don’t have a message from God or the Brothers.  No.  I have had a spiritual caress — a hug, perhaps — a reassurance of God Present in my life.

And what are the results of meditation?  I am filled with the assurance that I AM spirit, beloved of God, gifted with talent and a purpose — or many purposes — for this lifetime.  When I first feel the “place” slipping away, I think of those I want to receive God energy — and I feel the assurance that I am sending them REAL AND LASTING DIVINE SUBSTANCE.

As I leave the “place” of meditation, not only do I think of people in my life, I think of my role in this lifetime.  I have visualized  myself standing before groups of people telling them about the principles of the God-mind books.  I see myself as a wife, a mother, a grandmother interacting with my family members.  Each person will have different images, right?  We each want to live the greatest good possible in this lifetime role, don’t we?

We each can practice meditation techniques until we “feel” a certainty of that special “place” where we are One in thought with God, where the entire family of heaven is present.  Once we feel it, we can go there anytime we direct our thoughts there.  We each will find a unique trigger that will “send” us into that “place.”

I believe that this “place” is the Kingdom of Heaven the Bible and other spiritual literature speak of.  We may go there any time regardless of religious beliefs.  It is there that we “see” and detect the spirit realities of our friends and family who have crossed to the other side before us.  It is there that the true “food” is given us for our souls.  Jesus spoke of this “food.”  Jesus, a wonderful Brother, helps us overcome fears and helps us to reach our goals because he has an unlimited supply of the “food” we need.  He lived the life of intimacy with God the Father, and he assured us that we can do all that he did in his lifetime (what we call miracles) if we “eat the food” (take in the principles) that he made use of when he was on earth.

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