Love, Truth and Manifestation

By Jean K. Foster

When your being opens to God Love, when it calls for Truth for the living of this lifetime, your spirit in a human body will manifest Good into the earth plane.

Why do we say “Truth”?  Because Truth is your personal advocate in this lifetime experience.  Truth sorts through the erroneous earth‑mind beliefs and conclusions and rises above all mediocre concepts.  Truth is that persistent goal that you hold in what you call “the back of your mind.”  Truth is what you would like to accomplish, what you want to bring forth for the benefit of others and/or the planet.

These goals that you hide from others, sometimes even from yourself, reflect your growth plan.  They persevere in your hearts and minds and you either name them “impossible dreams” or you recognize that God/Good backs these with real power.

What makes Truth different from regular goals set by management for employees or that set by parents for children?  Truth rises from your soul, beloved partners, and awakens every fibre of your being.  It refuses to die.  It presents the good, the greatness, the understanding that all that you want (in your heart of hearts) is possible.  It matters not which road you travel; what matters is that you and God walk together in Partnership.

Start now to awaken your sleeping soul.  Meditate regularly.  Become quiet enough that your deep down goals will rise to the surface of your mind.  You will know them as part of your growth plan because your whole being will resonate with those thoughts.

Personal Truth, you see, is that which is especially for you.  Perhaps you desire to be a healer who touches people with God/Good, or you want to be a cook whose nutritious recipes will benefit humankind everywhere, or you may aspire to be a worker in the energy field, someone who discovers free sources of power.  When you made that growth plan, you noted your talents.  If your talent is creative art, then your spirit self will continue to place that talent before you in its potential.  Whatever your talent, or your keen interest, look there for clues to your growth plan.  Some wonder how Truth works in the day by day lifetime experience.  It does not work unless you invite it to work   Establish yourself in your Divine Partnership.  Then watch as Truth marries each activity, each goal, each open-minded thought.  Truth is abundant and it is yours.  Call for it.  Meditate on it.  Permit the power of Good to overcome negativity and to focus on outcomes you want to encounter.  Be a partner, not a far-off fearful person who focuses on doubts and on the common truth of humankind.

Your inheritance is the Partnership; your opportunity is to make use of it in this lifetime experience.

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