Overcoming The Fear Of Death

By Jean K. Foster

Truth from the God-Mind Books

Most people have a fear of death because we make the mistake of thinking that this human lifetime is all that there is to life. Actually, the part of us that lives forever is our spirit self that has a body, an identity, a reality that never dies.

You and I, everyone, in fact, lives many, many lifetimes. Let’s compare this truth to actors who take on many, many roles in their careers. Sometimes they portray heroes; sometimes they portray criminals. Their roles vary, and in interviews I have heard actors say they learn from these roles. And so it is with our spirits who take on a new body, a new lifetime, new parents and circumstances. We learn from each creation that we enter into.

You and I chose to live in a human body, and we chose our parents. Our real family is of spirit and they along with all that God IS help us live this lifetime successfully. Those whom you chose to come through were selected because you thought each of them could teach you something valuable.

In writing the book Epilogue, I learned that in the scheme of eternal life, each lifetime is but a brief time period. Our human bodies with their personalities are not our reality. My Jean Foster lifetime is my role and my opportunity to work with all that God IS on this planet. So, as I accepted all these God-mind Principles concerning life and “death,” I came to understand that “dying” is my way of “re-birthing” into my true spirit life. As I saw the truth of all that I am telling you, I lost my fear of death. Death is an illusion, really. There is only life.

Perhaps our fear of what we name death comes from not wanting to let go of those we love in this plane of life. Like others, I don’t want my mate to die, for then I would have to live out the rest of this life without his company. However, I know he loves me and that he would always be near me in spirit, helping me with my life and sustaining me with his love. I hope I would be brave and turn to my spirit helpers for comfort and a renewed energy that would embrace my life as good B a true Divine Gift. I hope that I would hear and feel your his presence B something I know is possible.

Let me summarize. First, we must think through the spiritual principle that “There is NO Death, Ever.” When we accept this principle at the core of our being, we can summon courage against appearances and KNOW that even though it appears that people die, in reality they go on living. We have to give these thoughts our deepest concentration until they become one with us.

When I want to go higher in my thinking and put all fear aside, I take the principle I need into my mind and heart, rephrase it and nourish it. First, I say, “There is NO death; there is only life.” I repeat it every time I feel the fear of death. Then there is another principle: “The Bond of Love Will Always Bring Beings Together.” Therefore, nothing can separate me from the love of God nor can anything separate me from those I love and those who love me.

If all this raises more questions, you may want to read the book Epilogue, or The God-Mind Connection.  In this way you will choose (or not choose) to accept life as forever. In losing the fear of death, we lose our fear of living and go boldly into each day depending on the God of the Universe and all the spirit helpers (Holy Spirit) who want us to reach our potential in this lifetime.

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