Realizing Your Life’s Potential

By Jean K. Foster

Potential may not be measured by earth-mind material standards, for potential reflects the divine plan you and God made before your birth.  What is your heart’s dream, beloved partners?  What does your inner Self yearn to express, to accomplish?  The answers to these questions form the growth plan you brought into this lifetime experience.

Release your material expectations, partners of the God of the Universe, for they cannot begin to reflect your potential.  A material focus only serves to distract attention from your Partnership with God/Good.  To attain your heart’s desire, to accomplish your highest and best goals, give your attention to your Partnership with God.

Here is how the Partnership works: First, be willing to see yourself as spirit.  The perspective of spirit encompasses the power of God working within you.  Second, free yourself from the old terror definitions of the God of the Universe. God — total Good — does not judge you, nor does God send you hard experiences in order to teach you lessons.  Total Good (God) wants only to be used in your lifetime.  Ask for, and receive, God power to smooth your path and to convert difficulties into positive experiences.  Third, open your mind to the understanding that you, as spirit, are one with God IF you allow yourself to accept this responsibility.

Achieving your potential need not cause anguish and pain.  Enter into the Partnership without limiting yourself or God, focus on the outcomes you want to manifest and leave the rest to God.

You have many opportunities daily to prove God/Good works in your life experience.  Experiment in the laboratory of your lifetime.  Have no compunction about calling on God to help you manifest good in your life.  Spend no energy on worry or anxiety, for these are the earth-mind tools that dissipate the Partnership’s power. Be the committed partner who lives this lifetime with ease and joy!

There may be people who fear to express their potential, for they think such an extravagant claim will cost them too much.  The Brotherhood (Holy Spirit) says to this fear, “The only cost to you, the claimant of his/her potential, is the time and space given to your relationship with God/Good.”

Through quiet times of contemplation and meditation we allow God/Good to flow through us.  Strength of purpose and strength of body become apparent when we center quietly in spirit.  Heady ideas appear full-blown in our minds, and with these comes the truth that God and we can and will accomplish all goals and all dreams.

We walk through a meadow of contentment when we walk with our divine Partner, for God love and God power allay our fears. We hold fast to the truth that there is, in reality, no death, only life.  Though earth-mind truth tries to pull us into dejection and hopelessness, we can, in a moment, turn our attention to God-mind and be made joyful and whole.

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