The Divine Lifetime

By Jean K. Foster

A triune of power exists in the divine teamwork that all of us can use on behalf of ourselves, others and the planet itself. This triune consists first of Self — our spirit that connects easily to God; second, the Holy Spirit — tender presences who assist us in staying centered in Divine Good, and third, the Allness of God that loves, gives, sustains, and welcomes us home.

And where and what is home? Our abode or dwelling place lies at the center of Being where Self and God meet. It is the place of Knowingness, or Divine Wisdom. Home says to us, “You and God are One.”

Because our spirit selves are the key to the triune of power, it is imperative that we acknowledge our reality — mind/spirit. That which is spirit is incorruptible. Therefore, we put spirit in charge of our lives. Let us keep the thought simple — I AM spirit; God IS; I AM One with God. Acknowledge these simply expressed spiritual principles and live your life in their shadow.

What will happen if we follow these principles? We will waste nothing of value in our lives, for these laws will keep us focused on our life plan, the one we brought with us at birth. These three touchstones provide all of us with the God Truth we need to live our lives successfully.

And what does it mean to live life successfully? When we live life joyfully, eagerly, and are immersed in activities that bubble with God/Good energy, we are living a thriving life. We experience prosperity in the form of accomplishment and abundance. We are a blessing to others who receive nourishment from being near us. We give from our very nature — One with God. We pursue goals that shoot to the surface of our minds from the place of Divine Wisdom. We who live life successfully miss none of the good life, for we know that we, along with our God Partners, are the designers of that life.

He who pleads with us to center in God, the one named Jesus, or Jeshua, inquires as to our passiveness in matters of spirit. “Who do you believe you are? You are not in this life to be led by me or by God or any of the many brothers who constitute the Holy Spirit. You are One with God, Beloved. Go forth and BE!”

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