The God Jar

By Jean K. Foster

How can we touch the power, the strength, the total universal GOOD and make use of it in the marketplace of life?  Here is an idea, or technique, that might help you to see universal GOOD — or God — in a more concrete way.  When you have a question, a problem, a need, or a goal, write it out on a slip of paper and put it into a jar that you name your God Jar.

Many people are using a God Jar and finding that it helps them to let go of personal power in achieving their goals, answering their questions, taking away their fears, worries and concerns.  How does a simple jar accomplish this?  By the very act of writing out whatever concerns you and putting this paper into the jar, you are sending out the thought to your God Partner that you are allowing all that God IS to bring about a good answer or to work through any and all problems and goals.

In a Divine Partnership, you and I, in human form, are the earth partners.  The Holy Spirit, AKA the Brotherhood of God, are advanced spirits who help us to hold fast to the understanding that God is our Partner, and that if we allow God to be God in us, we can reach our potential in this lifetime.

The God Jar is a device to help us to understand our Partnership with the God of the Universe.  Remember, once you have put the question, the need, the goal or whatever into the jar, leave it there until you receive an “inner answer” or an outer demonstration that is satisfying.  Why does this work?  Because you open your mind to the vast network of God‑mind and allow GOOD to express in you and through you.  (There is no limit to how many items we put in this container because that which God IS is unlimited.)

A variation of this idea is the God Can.  The thought presented here is that what we cannot do alone, GOD CAN!  Remember, we — the earth partners — must initiate; God is the powerful enabler.  Note (on the slip of paper) changes, progress etc.  Keep the Partnership shining bright with activity on your part.

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