Communicating with the Brotherhood

By Jean K. Foster

People often ask me how to use “automatic writing” to communicate with the Brotherhood. I get so many questions that I am writing down what I perceive this communication to be.

The writing is not automatic for me. That term “automatic writing” is a misnomer. In The God-Mind Connection I used the term because I didn’t know how else to describe the communication. Perhaps some people have communication that comes without conscious understanding, with a spirit messenger taking the pen, pencil or keyboard. Yes, for some people the writing may well be automatic. But it is not so with me. Frankly, I am sorry I ever used the term “automatic writing,” because I believe it has caused misunderstanding of the process.

Here is the way successful communication first happened between me and the Brotherhood of God:

First, I gave my attention to a symbol—the earth and the plow. This symbol was perfect for me because I once lived on a farm and have seen people work with garden plows. My mind, which I visualized being in my head, was the earth. I was to keep this symbol alive and going, and to accomplish this, I had to concentrate with all my left brain attention.

Second, I clearly detected a stream of thought-messages. I did not question what I “heard,” I wrote down whatever came. I made no attempt to edit or to anticipate what the message would be. (This procedure took a lot of practice—maybe two months of daily attempts.) Finally, I got a message: “Open your mind.” It was repeated until I filled a page with open-your-mind sentences. Then, agreeing to open my mind the best I could, more sentences came. There were also phrases. I wrote it all down. Weeks went by while we practiced together until I had confidence in the procedure. I attempted to respond to these messages, though at first my responses were immature and reflected little spiritual understanding. However, I learned and grew.

You, too, can receive inspirational thoughts. Try using a symbol that is in harmony with your nature. Perhaps a bird in flight, or a burning candle, a waterfall, a stream of water flowing by you etc. Then let go of your EGO that tells you that you are doing this on your own. Ask the God Presence to be with you. Ask the outreach of the Holy Spirit, the Brotherhood of God, to help you in this communication. You are the catalyst of all action between you and all that God IS.

Some people do not have the inclination or the patience to write down what they receive. Still, they can receive guidance and real help. Dreams can be a channel to spiritual guidance. Know that the God of the Universe promises us all that what we ask for, if it is in the nature of God, or Good, we will receive. Allow guidance to come to you as inner knowingness that is implanted within us to encourage us when we ask for it.

I, Jean K. Foster, have no secrets about communication that I have hidden from others. Nor am I special in any way. One person told me, quite candidly, that the reason “all this” — communication and help — is so believable is that I am so “ordinary.” And so it is. When you turn over your life to living God‑mind Truth, you will receive it in abundance. The Brotherhood happily responds to your requests for Truth, for understanding, for comfort .

Today I seldom write down the Truth that comes for me personally. Why? Because I want it quickly and I expect to use it instantly. Writing was a way to bring me into harmony with those advanced spirits who stand nearby to help me live my life successfully. The God of the Universe brings us help through the Brotherhood, through the nature spirits, through angels, through our inner connection with God‑mind.

Our responsibility is to recognize that we are spirit and that God is spirit. Then we explore, experiment, and awaken our mind/spirits. When we stay centered in what God IS, we become nurtured spirits living in human bodies. When we keep one foot in earth‑mind discouragement and lack, we drag through life believing that we cannot receive the magnificent Truth.

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