Divine Partnership – Let Go, Let God

By Jean K. Foster

When people say “let go,” they think it means to give up personal opinions and personal goals, to give up their personal power.  The following explanation is given to straighten out thinking on this point of “let go, let God.”

Have you considered that God operates only in teamwork and only good occurs? This teamwork includes the Brotherhood of God, the outreach of the Holy Spirit, and you.  God asks you to be a partner in creating what is desired for your lifetime.  Removing yourself, your personal power, from the equation is to work at odds with the best way to produce truth in the earth plane.

Instead of letting go of personal power, let go of personal autonomy. (To be autonomous is to be a law to oneself — the self-authority that controls).  While personal power is rooted in personal autonomy, personal power is needed to commit yourself to the teamwork process which will bring about manifestation in your behalf. Letting go of the outcome of just HOW a manifestation should be fulfilled, is the meaning in “let go, let God.”  Letting go of the manner of fulfillment  frees the energy and power of God’s Good (via teamwork) to create with you.

If you are one who quotes, “Let go and let God,” what is your visualization or goal here?   What is your intention when you speak or think these words?  You may be asking, “Where is your authority for this explanation?” or,  “What is the divine truth that will explain the difference between simply  “letting go, letting God” and operating in the teamwork?”

The assistance of the Brotherhood, the God of the Universe and the spirit within you who communicates IS this teamwork.  The tender presences of the Brotherhood team up when you request their help, but if you leave them out and turn only to your own authority and your own counsel, your own autonomy will not gain the majesty possible. Together — you, God and the tender presences of the Brotherhood — manifest the desired result.

This spiritual work of   ”letting go and letting God”  enlists you among those who understand the not-so-secret way to attain God Power in your life.  God Power is that which is written in the annals of TRUTH, that which is recorded in the eternal writings as the method to use to bring your personal life and all earth life into perfection.

That which is true, that which is totally of God is not hidden, teammates.  But to say you have it all within you, that you now can operate the principles without teamwork is the best example of standing truth on its head.  Therefore, hold yourself true to the teamwork principle!

Keep your personal power — point it towards teamwork.  Let God’s Teamwork with you reveal the Truth to a successful life.

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